Sunday, August 30, 2009

Happy Anniversary, Master!!

To my dearest love, I write to you on this day, the 30th of August to speak to you of love and yet I find there is a whole world more that I wish to speak to you of besides just love. Today marks more then another month of time passed since we reunited. It marks more then another month closer to the day I will get to settle myself within your arms and feel the rest of world melt away.

Today marks half a year that we have been together. Half a year of bliss and happiness. Half a year that I have felt whole again. I don’t know if you are completely aware of the impact meeting you has had on my life but then again, perhaps you are since you are aware of the impact I have had on yours.

You have changed my life. Truth be told, I am not the same person I was before we met. But I can only say it has been the best of changes. I’ve not known this kind of happiness previously in my life. I’ve not had that feeling of zero doubts. You take all the fear and it washes away with your words. I’ve never felt safer. I’m someone that trusts to an extent easily but it’s very hard to earn that deep trust. I’ll trust someone with my life sooner then I will trust them with my emotions. So it was such a pleasant surprise to learn that I truly do trust you deeply and completely. My heart is yours to hold in the palm of your hand and I give it freely and without restraint my love!

When the slightest thought of you passes through my mind, I cannot help but smile, close my eyes and dream. I dream of your touch like silken steel, your breath upon my skin, the smoldering heat in your eyes, the velvety words as you whisper them into hair….I dream of you. I have such joy at knowing that I am indeed yours forevermore. Your esclave, your twin flame, your queen, your soulmate, your lover….because I am your girl. Oh such happiness that brings to my heart as I type the words. It makes my heart swell with pride and the knowledge that you chose me once more, just as you do every day when you wake and tell me “Good Morning, Mon Esclave”.

So today I say to you, Happy Anniversary Master! We have loved for half a year in this life and ages upon ages in other lifetimes. I consider myself most fortunate to have received what have thus far. Anything more is pure joy and I am grateful for every instant of it. Thank you My Darling, for being exactly whom you are. I love you with every fiber of my body, every drop of blood that beats through my heart, every thought that passes through my mind and every lifetime to have touched my soul. I adore you madly and without fear or restraint. All because I love you so. For you make my essence

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