Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Aura Colors & Their Meanings

There are many different ideas as to exactly what each specific shade means when it comes to the color of a persons aura. But I think this has something to do with the fact that even with those that can see auras, each individual person sees the shades slightly differently. What may appear violet to one person may appear to be a deeper purple to someone else or to a third person may seem closer to blue. So it can be somewhat difficult to find a completely accurate description of aura colors and their meanings. However, the main categories of color do have certain traits and meanings attached to them. As someone that is both an empath as well as an aura reader, it was a tad easier for me to check and see for myself that the meanings described, do indeed mean what they are said to mean. That being said, I'll include some of the more basic colors and their general meanings in the paragraphs below. Be aware though that every individual is different and because of that fact, there may be some variations for yourself or others. When reading someone's aura, it is important to trust your instincts.


Here are the colors and meanings as I have come to understand them. Again, this is only what the color means to me when I see it, not necessarily what it means to everyone because someone else may see the subject as an entirely different color so this is all to be taken with a measure of understanding in regards to that fact.


Passionate, Driven, Assertive, Motivated, Dominant, Creative, Problem Solver, Competitive, A Survivor. This person has a powerful personality and is extremely sensual and seductive. In short they are "sex on a stick" and it shows in everything they do or say, making them very attractive and charismatic people. They are often the life of the party and their magnetic personalities will attract a great many romantic admirers and allies. However, they can also be formidable opponents once a person finds themselves on their bad side because their passionate nature can easily spur their anger into rage. There is also a possibility of materialism and once they set their sights on a specific goal their single minded pursuit of it can be so focused that it can evolve into full blown obsession if left unchecked. People of this variety make excellent business executives, rock stars, actors, media moguls, politicians, high powered attorneys and other influential go-getters.

Gray or Smoky:

Depression, Sluggishness, Fatigue, Drained, Lethargic, Apathetic, Listless, Muscle Weakness, Poor Immune System. I have noticed this to be a more temporary type of color. I have only met one person that had an aura of this color on what seemed to be a permanent basis and that person had suffered from depression and left it untreated for many years. This is also a color that will often settle over a vampire that suffers from deep need and has gone too long between feedings. It is not uncommon to become tired and feel sleepy or even sad when in the presence of someone that has an aura of this color, especially if you are highly empathic.


Spirituality, Enlightenment, Knowledge, Inspiration, Ascension, Humility. There is also the possibility of physical ailments and a weak connection to the physical realities of this world. This is the color of aura said to have surrounded some very well known spiritual figures and religious leaders such as Gandhi, Mother Theresa and The Dali Lama. It is my belief that the bright and shining halo that is so often found surrounding images of the Christian Messiah, Jesus Christ, in paintings of him during the time period that preceded his crucifixion, was actually the artist’s way of depicting the yellow color of his aura which he gave off so strongly that it was even visible to those not normally sensitive to seeing aura colors. I may be a pagan but religious beliefs aside, there is no denying the fact that there was a man answering his description that was a spiritual leader to many during that time and his faith and the faith of his followers would have imbued him with a rather strong aura indicating that he was, as such, a spiritually minded man.


A Healer, Compassionate, Caring, Kindness, Generous Nature, Animal Lover. Many doctors, nurses, therapists, counselors, veterinarians and philanthropists can be found to have an aura of this color. This person loves to help and comfort those that need it. There is a certain rare gentility of spirit that tends to accompany these people and though their urge to help can take them into high pressure environments, they are good at keeping a cool head in the heat of the moment. This is a forgiving and intelligent type of person but there is also a natural innocence within them in regards to the forces of malevolence, which can cause them to be rather gullible in their younger years. If left unhealed after being taken advantage of or falling victim to falsehoods, this can lead to disillusionment and the eventuality of a somewhat cynical or bitter outlook later in life.


Vibrant, Enthusiastic, Genuine, Energetic, Spontaneous, Confident, Happiness, Carefree. These people are a real joy to be around. Their infectious humor and optimistic outlook on life is refreshing and endearing. They are very friendly and are often actively flirtatious. They love to make people laugh and their smile can light up a room. Although there is no such thing as a person that is happy all of the time, this person enjoys the ups and doesn’t take the downs too seriously. There is, however, a tendency toward forgetfulness, flightiness and the possibility of a short attention span which can lead to boredom and mischief. This person is a prankster but it is always in good fun as they are also known for being a fiercely loyal friend.


Honorable, Trustworthy, Noble, Courageous, Loyal, A Champion of Justice, Fair, A Natural Born Leader. There is a reason that royalty is often associated with this color. Those that have an aura of this color often have the charisma, passion and ambition of a red colored aura as well as the diplomacy, intelligence and wisdom of a blue colored aura. It is therefore not difficult to see why there may also be the possibility of arrogance and manipulation, albeit always with the good of the group in mind. This person carries a heavy weight on their shoulders and it is a mark of strength and fortitude to have an aura of this particular hue. It is very difficult to make such hard decisions as this person must make, because although they always act with their people in mind, it can be a lonely existence at the top and as we all know it is impossible please everyone all of the time.


Empathic, Intuitive, Creative, Intelligent, Loving, Sensitive, Understanding, Patient, Wise, Diplomatic, Realistic, Grounded, Calm, Peaceful. This person has many attributes of a true empath and they can often be found in jobs that involve social sciences such as teachers, social workers, childcare specialists, caregivers for the elderly and non-profit organization volunteers. Their patient and understanding nature makes for good parenting skills and this becomes evident in their strong family ties. These are people that maintain close relationships with the extended families and they are fiercely protective of those that are a part of their core group. Equally good at giving advice as well as listening these people make wonderful confidantes and their compassion can be very comforting in a time that would otherwise be difficult. Where those with a green aura tend to heal the body and mind, these people settle the soul and heart. One thing to look out for with this color of aura though is a tendency to procrastinate and put off distasteful tasks until the last minute. They can also be slow to admit failure and stubborn about apologizing if they believe they are in the right.

Darkened, Shadowy or Black:

Chaotic, Predatory, Dishonest, Manipulative, Dangerous, Malevolent, Harmful, Fierce, Mentally Unstable, Criminal Inclinations, Chronic or Terminal Illness, The Presence of Death. Beware! I have run across a few people that seem to have a shadowy, dark or even black aura that either surrounds them like a mist or that they might even carry within themselves. This blackness is quick to spread to those that spend time with or speak to someone that has this color of aura. I have come to understand that these are people around which one should be on their guard and very cautious. Once this blackness spreads it tends to stick to one like a film residue and it can be difficult to rid oneself of the feeling that one has been dirtied and is unable to get clean again. This type of aura tends to accompany people that are extremely selfish, have ulterior motives and agendas, are untrustworthy or may even have malicious intent. This may not always be directed at you but use extreme caution in all dealings with this person. Another completely different meaning for having this color in the aura can also be in connection with the lingering presence of death or illness that surrounds a person. I have seen people that were terminally ill that had small patches of their aura become darkened and concealed as if in shadows, oftentimes over the area of their body that the illness has made the most impact. As they grew closer and closer to death, the darkness over them also grew until the day it overtook them and they passed on.