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Fantasy Vs. Reality - The Vampire FAQs

I awakened to my Vampiric nature in this lifetime about 15 years ago and in the time that has passed since then I have been asked many questions about what Real Vampires are all about. So in the interest of free information, which I personally am all for, I have put together a list of the most frequently asked questions that I have gotten from normal mainstream folks that want to know more about my kind. The answers I give here are my opinions, observations and beliefs.

Are Vampires the walking dead?
No. We have completely mortal human bodies like everyone else.

Are Vampires immortal?
No. Our bodies do grow old and eventually die. Many of us do appear younger then our actual years though and we often will heal from wounds & injuries a bit faster then regular folks so this will make us more likely to reach a full lifespan. The myth of immortality may stem from the fact that many of us have memories from previous lives as our souls are reborn over and over. You can see how such a myth began when you consider how it would sound to an outsider if they were to overhear two Vampires discussing a previous lifetime in which they knew one another. It might begin to sound as if they have been ageless and immortal should they be heard discussing the day to day life of living during civil war times as if it were yesterday with the tone that one would use while discussing a shopping list. It is also a common opinion that not all vampiric and otherkin souls are reincarnated as some souls “feel” younger then others. But it is the “old souls” that have been mistaken for immortals and thus gave birth to this particular myth quite by accident.

Is a Vampire turned or born?
Vampires are born as they are, with vampiric souls. They are not turned. This is one of those nasty rumors that most true vampires will not touch with a ten foot pole. It is a controversial subject even among our own community because many of us have been plagued with endless requests to “please turn me”. This myth also can find it’s roots in reality to a certain extent though. You see, when a vampire is born they are in a “latent” or “dormant” state. It is not until they awaken to their vampiric state that they will take on the majority of traits attributed to one who is of our nature. This usually doesn’t occur until later adolescence for most but it has happened much earlier in some and much later in others. A latent vampire can sometimes be sparked into awakening by one or more awakened vampires though. A latent vampire exudes what is referred to as a beacon, which is an energy signature that other vampires can pick up on, drawing them to the latent vampire, though they may not always know why they feel so drawn to this person. This beacon has a powerful pull on the vampire and is often mistaken as physical attraction, love or deep friendship. It is merely the physical proximity of another vampire that will often spark such an awakening but because of the nature of the “beacon” and it’s highly emotional effects, it is easy to see how many would see a romance ensue between a vampire and a seemingly non-vampiric person, then before you know it, after a few hickeys or love bites show up, the awakening has occurred for the latent vampire and they begin to show symptoms of vampiric traits. This could be mistaken for the act of turn someone with a vampires “dark kiss”, but in reality both individuals were indeed born as vampires. Another way that this rumor of turning came to be is a condition known as sympathetic vampirism. This has been known to occur between a vampire and their donor. When a vampire feeds on the same donor too much or too often, the donor can then become depleted of their personal energy stores if not given the proper time and chance to allow their system to return to a normal state of being. When this happens, they may begin to display vampiric traits up to and including the need to feed. It could appear that this non-vampiric donor has thus been turned. However if the overzealous vampire gives their donor enough time and rest between feedings, then the donors system will indeed return to normal in time and such vampiric symptoms will cease. Therefore this also would not be considered to be a case of actual turning.

What about crosses, garlic, churches and holy water…do they harm or deter Vampires?
No, this is complete and total pish posh. Many vampires are fond of crosses for aesthetic reasons. Garlic adds a lovely flavor to a meal and I myself quite enjoy my Italian food with plenty of it. If you thrown holy water on a vampire, you will only succeed in pissing them off for having gotten their clothes wet (many of us are rather particular about our clothes and appearance). You will often find us in churches, temples, synagogues, mosques and any other place of worship because we come from all many of religious affiliation. You will find Catholic vampires, Protestant vampires, Mormon vampires, Muslim vampires, Buddhist vampires, Pagan vampires, Satanist vampires and many, many more because being a vampire has nothing to do with good and evil nor does it have anything to do with religious beliefs.

Are vampires Evil/Damned?
No, evil is a choice not an accident of birth or a product of ones nature. We do have some bad apples but no more then that of the general population of humanity as a whole. Many of us tend to be more sensitive, compassionate and generous in nature because it is so easy for us to pick up on the feelings and emotions of others. This causes many a vampire to choose to use their abilities to help heal others of their physical or emotional pain through energy work because we do not wish to see others suffer needlessly.

Can Vampires fly, shapeshift or command swarming clouds of bats?
Two words: I…wish. Seriously though, that would be awesome but no, we can’t.

Will a Vampire eat my soul?
Hahah. No. We have our own thank you very much, we don’t need yours too. What vampires do feed on is the energy (a.k.a. prana, chi, qui, lifeforce) of an individual. This is that which we find ourselves to be deficient of which needs to be replenished in order for us to lead happy, healthy lives. There are two different schools of thought regarding why vampires have this deficiency and both have merit. First there is the theory that we do not efficiently produce energy within our own personal stores as quickly as others do. Second, there is the theory that vampires expend their personal energy stores at a higher rate then other do due to the fact that many of our abilities require a great deal of energy to perform and/or maintain. In my own personal opinion, I think that it may be a combination of the two different theories that contribute to our depleted energetic states.

So do Vampires really drink blood??
Yes. Some of us do anyway. Blood is a very potent source of the energy that vampires require. Those that feed in this way are called Sanguine Vampires, or Sangs for short. Because blood is so rich in energy, a vampire does not need very much to reap the benefits of feeding. Contrary to popular Hollywood-style myth, a vampire can sustain themselves quite well from just a few teaspoons worth of blood (equivalent to one or two shot glasses full).

Do Vampires have fangs?
Some do. Some don’t. Slightly elongated canines are not a strictly vampiric trait though. It is a genetic/hereditary trait passed down from one’s family and can manifest in both vampires and those that are strictly human alike. So far, there does not seem to be a higher instance of elongated canines among vampires over that of the general populace.

So do Vampires consider themselves to be human?
This depends entirely on the individual vampire. Our bodies (also referred to at times as our shells) are completely 100% human, yes. There are those that believe that they are entirely human both inside and out, and that the only difference between themselves and the average joe is the need to manage an energy deficiency much as a diabetic must manage their insulin levels. However, there are others that retain memories of past lives, other planes of existence, other worlds even…and this causes them to come to the conclusion that despite their having human bodies, their souls are in fact “more human then human” and therefore specifically that of a vampiric rather then human soul. I am of the latter type myself. I consider myself to have a totally human body as well as a totally vampiric soul.

Can Vampires recognize each other? Could they pick one another out of a crowd?
Yes, for the most part. This is related to the beacon effect that latent vampires give off. The energy signature of an awakened vampire resonates in a way that is often easily recognized by other vampires as well as other varieties of otherkin. Depending on how strong a vampire’s personal beacon is, as well as how sensitive the one that is picking up on it is, it can result in anything from a little twinge of feeling that this person has a familiarity about them to an overwhelmingly powerful sense of being drawn to this person and just feeling deep down that you KNOW them. This feeling can be even stronger still if the other vampire is a member of one’s soul group (the group of souls that you have lived lifetime after lifetime with, spending eons with you as your mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, friends, lovers, enemies and comrades). In this case, once the two vampires recognize one another it will respark the eternal connection that the two have with one another and likely a lifelong bond is rediscovered between the two, for these are Family bonds that even death cannot break.

If you have other questions that you would like to see included and addressed in a future post, please feel free to email them to me at or add them to the comments of the blog. Thanks all!

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Found your blog after a lot of searching and reading on vampire subculture. I'm not sure about me being a vampire yet, but I relate very well with the otherkins. I like your blog, thanks for sharing.. :)