Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Watching From The Tall Grass

My world is thrown in darkness

Contrast too blaring for my mind to see

What are these images?

They dance before my eyes

They taunt me so

Twirling without a care in the world

She drowns in the deep cold dark


That’s the word of the day

But why?

I do not know

I feel inside

She is huddled and crying

Tearing at the walls of my soul

Begging to be let free

Let me out!!

Set me loose!!

Take off this leash

Open the door to this cage

She must be free

To roam and wander

To sit in the high grass

Watch the herd pass

She crouches down

She yearns to hunt as once she did

Her padded paws make no sound

As she creeps closer

She can smell the musk of their hides

Feel the skin so thick between her teeth

Begging for her jaws to close

To release this poor creature

From its fleshy prison, set it free

To run over my tongue

A salty sweet rush of copper

Euphoric Bliss with a chaser of fear

Just the way we like it

A slow purring growl rumbles deep

Growing in our throat and chest

My beast

She yearns

Just one more taste.

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