Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dream On, Eternal Night

Take this strain from my eyes

Fill it with the devil's guise

Into this darker light

I follow you down

The jaws of death are but the beginning

You feed my flame

Into this void we stride

Laughing on as we plummet

Honeyed lips stilled by baited breath

Two pulled, tugged, gripped as one

Passions furious embrace takes hold

Into this new dimension we pass

Warm breeze across soft pale skin

Moonlight glows from within

Taken in

So much more then ever thought true or real

Hearts ablaze as we entwine

We revel in the taste of it all

Giggles of delight

Gently sighing moans fill the air

This magick life

Golden mists swirl, ethereal

Across our bodies

Can this be real

Or is it the dream

From which we never wake

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