Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ancient and/or Sacred Text Images in Original Form


TWO HISTORICAL TEXTS that include references to eclipses of the sun are the official history of the Eastern Han dynasty (left) and the Chronicle of the Patriarch of Antioch, Michael the Syrian (right). The Chinese text describes solar eclipses of a.d. 118 and 120, the latter regarded as presaging the empress dowager's death in a.d. 122. The Syriac text describes in vivid detail a total eclipse in a.d. 1176.

Qu'ran (aka Koran)

Taken from a black-letter volume in Fox Talbot's library, containing the statutes of Richard the Second, written in Norman French. Exact volume currently unknown.

Leningrad Codex

Probably originally hidden during the Roman sack of Jerusalem around 70 A.D., the Dead Sea Scrolls are one of the most significant archaeological discoveries of the 20th century.

More of the Dead Sea Scrolls

It is currently unknown to me what specific text this image was taken from.

Written by the photographer of this image: "I saw a fragment from the Dead Sea Scrolls today. I have always found these ancient texts intriguing and was happy to finally have a chance to inspect a portion of them. I suppose that growing up in the 60s and 70s while there was a restriction on public access to the scrolls made me want to see them even more. Of course, today I only got to see a fragment displayed behind thick glass in the British Library’s low-lit exhibition, but still, it was rewarding after such a long wait."

Archimedes Monk Painting

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