Monday, August 17, 2009


The grounds surrounding the castle are shrouded in shadows. I stand on the balcony and smell the rich scent of flowers unlike any other. Sweet, honeyed, soothing and fruity all at once, they give the sense of homecoming. Every time I have ever crossed the bridge onto these grounds I have been greeted by the aroma of them and it always brings me peace, a knowing that I am where I belong. The balmy breeze blows, gently ruffling my hair across my features and the caress of the air against my skin as it penetrates the gauzy fabric of my nightdress brings a slight shiver at the sensation of touch that is so much like his fingertips brushing across me.I feel a tug at the edge of my mind and a smile touches my lips softly. He has returned. I can sense my love approaching at this very moment. My brows furrows suddenly when I notice he is attempting to ignore the fact that he is in pain. The smell of his blood greets my mind and I turn abruptly to run through the attached bedchamber. My bare feet create a slapping sound against the stone beneath them as I am carried down flights of stairs and through a series of rooms in ever quickening succession. My heart is in my throat when I reach the entrance and just at that moment we comes into view.My wide eyes take in the site of him, surveying what damage there may be as I rush to his side. There is a gash across his brow that causes half his face to be hidden behind the crimson of his essence. I touch his arm and he turns to me with no hint of pain, a loving smile across his bloodied lips. Tears pour from my eyes and I hug him to me fiercely. A low chuckle emanates from his chest and he holds me close.“I am fine little one. Don’t fear for me, I have returned to you whole and well. This appears worse then it is, I assure you. Besides, do not think I had not seen the look of hunger that crossed those pretty eyes of yours before your emotions took hold.” He smiles mischievously and pulls me close as we walk back the way I had come.A brilliantly bright blush creeps up my throat and face and I hide my evil grin by burying my face in the crook of his arm. I cannot hide the giggles though. It is always the same with him. He sees what no one else does. He sees the dark within and loves me all the more for it. I close my eyes and say a quick thanks to the Source as I do upon every return he makes to our home. I lift my head once more and stop us in our tracks as I pull him to me and lap gently at his lips, drinking him in and making a promise for more to come.

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