Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Long Live the Queen!

20 years ago, Madonna was considered the over-the-top femme fatale of the music industry. Today, she shows us that some things are timeless...

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Updates, Discoveries and Evolution

Hello all! I have been asked a great deal recently why I had stopped posting on this blog and where I had gone. As we all know, sometimes life takes a turn that we cannot foresee and we must become aware of a new reality and adjust to it. For many years, I had daily, easy and free access to the internet as well as a computer of my own that I did not feel concerned about having certain adult-themed content on. Some time ago, this changed. Though I do have access to a computer temporarily (at least for the next couple months), I do not own this computer and therefore I need to be respectful in what sort of content I access and/or create on it.

I can assure any ongoing readers that check on this blog occasionally over the years that I will never, EVER just give up on it. There may be large gaps of time in between posts, but I will always return, sooner or later. This blog has seen me through a great deal of change and growth and as such I have come to see it as an old friend.What kinds of things have changed, you may ask? Well, one of the biggest changes you may notice is my evolution from submissive/slave to switch and finally to full dominant. I am not ashamed of my submissive beginnings, nor do I regret them. Learning what it is to submit to another, the strength it takes to bend one's will to that of someone else, the beauty of true submission...all of this was a powerful and amazing experience for me. I found though, that this was an experience I found myself wishing to share. I wanted to be able to bring that kind of joy and spark into another's eyes. Are my previous Master and I still together? No. Not as a couple anyway. We have discovered that we make far better friends then lovers and as a result he remains one of my very best friends to this day.

I have since taken a pet of my own. My Matthew has allowed me to help him open himself to new worlds of sensation and emotion. He is a devoted, handsome and wonderful man that I am so very proud of! I find such fulfillment in teaching him, exploring with him, showing him what he is capable of and then seeing the light fill his eyes as he discovers that he is so much more then he previously thought. He is my joy, my pride and my darling little pussycat. I find that the happiness he brings into my life is the sort that settles my soul. The interesting thing is, he is also a force to be reckoned with in his own right! I have discovered that I am not the sort to want someone to blindly follow me. I want someone that will more likely be the wolf by my side then the puppy at my feet. I want someone that shows strength to everyone and then chooses to use that strength to please me. So when I call him my pussycat, make no mistake, he is also my dragon. I am proud to call him mine for he is a strong and powerful man that has earned the privilege of being such by way of his words, deeds and actions. Because of all of this, I love him beyond measure.