Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Reunion

I emerged from the red, brick building wearing little more than absolutely necessary. The 3/4 length coat kept the cool air at bay as I walked down the front steps and turned toward the well-worn path that led around the building to another less visible flight of stairs behind a large flowering shrub. I let my fingernails trail along the wall as I follow the steps down to a black door. The heavy wood of the door gives in slowly as I carefully push through our own carefully prepared wards and enter the darkness. I step down yet another staircase, leading down past the foundation and basement, past the long standing tunnels with their torch lit walls, down into a hallway at the very end. A strange mix of modern structure and natural surroundings, I enter a large cavernous fire lit room with walls covered in burgundy silk. Large steel hooks interjected the line of the silk draperies by occasionally scooping them aside to reveal sordid delights within the small alcoves beyond. Whether it be a niche filled with an assortment of whips, crops and canes, or another with a chair that contained a variety of hooks and tie downs that promised a night of perverse pleasures, there was something exciting to behold beyond each gap in the fabric.
I continued to walk, past each new and exciting scenario that presented itself to me. Above me, the cave ceiling lay naked and bare, the flickering shadows of the torches playing against the stone. I came to a stop in front of one steel hook that had lost its grip on the silk and allowed the drape to slip closed. Smiling in anticipation, I tugged the cloth aside and strode in with the clip-clop of my boots echoing sharply in the silence. The shadows seem even thicker in this particular alcove. I became eager as I watched the light play of fire, shadows, steel, and there just beyond the metal bars, gleaming skin with a sheen of sweat rippling over the muscled frame of the man in the cell. My smile deepens, reaching my eyes as recognition settles in. The young one who had passed me the message of the new donors arrival had no way of knowing whom it was that had landed in my personal dungeon. She was new. Not many had been around long enough to remember this one. He was no donor. Nor was he prey. He was however a challenge, and a welcome one at that. He was my kind of predator.
"Well, aren't you a sight for sore eyes." I let the words purr from my lips like so much warmed honey. His head lifts at the sound of my voice, for he knows it well. The corners of his mouth twitched with humor and something akin to relief.
"When did you get back into town?" I ask as I let the metal key in my fingers play back and forth across my nails with a click, click, clicking sound.
"It is better for you if you do not know that, darling" He replies. He is probably right about that. The last time we parted ways, he was climbing out a window and I was rushing toward a door to stall the quickly approaching detective long enough to give him a head start. Now he was on the other side of my own cell bars, looking thoroughly scrumptious in the matching black boxers and blindfold. It was practically tradition by now for concentual donors to be presented to me in this fashion when they came seeking our kind.

I breathed in the scent that is only him. It was a mixture of natural scents like water, earth and lush vegetation, with an underlying musk that has the power to intoxicate the senses. I allow the belt that held my coat closed to slide open and I shrugged the material off my shoulders. The remaining vinyl and leather of my boots, corset and panties glimmered nicely in the lighting.

"If I let you out, are you going to be a good boy and behave?" My lips curled into a suggestive grin and one eyebrow raises slightly as I wait for an answer.

"You always sound so damned cute when you get that sound in your voice." I could see his shoulders shaking ever so slightly with mirth, the dimple in his cheek showing up as it always did when he turned up the charm. The key turned around one last time in my fingers before penetrating the lock, my hand turning of it's own accord as the blindfold falls to the floor.

With supernatural speed, the door was thrown open and my back hit the wall, cracking beneath my shoulders. Our mouths were locked in a struggle to drink each other in deeply, hands buried in one anothers hair, pulling each other closer still, bare chest crushed against leather clad breasts. I barce my feet against the wall behind me and push off with my Will, my legs carrying out the motions so that it appeared as if we've defied gravity through a feat of strength. We sail across the room, this time landing him against the wall, crushing the shape of his back into the stone beyond the silk that fell in an explosion of rich red color. As the cloth cascaded down his shoulders in a smooth swishing rush, I leaned backward as far as I could with my legs locked around his waist. Gravity pulled him with me and flipped us both over and onto the newly silk covered ground.

His eyes widen at the sudden realization that he is laying on a bed of dark red with me straddling him...excited, horny and unusually hungry. My eyes have already begun glowing emerald green, a wicked grin spreading across my features as my canines elongated to feeding length.

A similar look crossed his face, teeth and all, shortly before he lowers his voice to a whisper of a growl and says, “Come for me my darling, for old time’s sake. Squirm for me one more time.”

Of its own accord, my body reacts as if a day has it passed since the time that I willingly submitted to him in both body and will. My eyelids flutter as my head rolls back in ecstasy, back arched. Muscles gripping and tightening deep in my belly, I rake my nails across the floor, cutting through the piles of fabric and hitting stone just as a long low moan of pleasure rises up and looses itself from my chest. Feeling as if liquid fire is pumping through my veins, a curl of golden mist starts to sweep across the room, a testament to how our powers have grown since last we parted. The very life force that we once sought out together in the shadows, poured through the room now, growing brighter with every arch of my back. Wracked with sheer pleasure, I lose all sense of my surroundings and there is only him. I push the heat and power of my orgasm into him as I give a final shudder of release.
I lean forward, lightly flicking my tongue against his lips, tasting him, marking him. I let my lips softly brush across his cheek and nuzzle my face into his neck as I whisper huskily into his ear.

“I’ve missed you, Love.”

“I’ve missed you too.”

Monday, July 16, 2012

Have you?

Have you ever woken up and decided that there is more waiting for you then the world that we have been presented with?

Have you ever fallen into a pit of despair and had a hand pull you out at the last moment?

Have you ever held a mirror up and found a monster in the reflection?

Have you ever thought your mind would eat you up and swallow you whole if you allowed it to?

Have you ever felt a hunger inside so deep that no food or water could touch it?

Have you ever spoken to the people in your head only to find out later that they are real and can hear you too?

Have you ever wondered why you were born into an age you do not understand?

Have you ever felt homesick for a place you've never been?

Have you ever wondered how much of your own mind is you and how much is everyone else?

I have. Have you?

The Stillness Within

The heart that holds on tight

Like a coil of chains around it

Waiting for the moment to pass

And allow me to breathe again

I was content in my misery

But a breeze came blowing in

Bringing hope on the wind

Ruining my plans of depression

I was happy being lonely

Thinking I would be forever alone

While always in a crowd

Desperate to find home

Home that lets you be yourself

Or takes another look

Beyond the lies you tell to everyone

And sees your truth laid bare

Is it better to tell and risk it all

Then to stay in a prison of my making

Only time can tell in the end

If I shall rise above it all or shatter as I fall

I hold my breath again

Just waiting to see what happens

To the life that should have been

While holding onto the stillness within

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ancient Kemetic History Holds Spiritual Ties To Vampirism

The word Kemetic or Kemet is one that anyone that spends a length of time within the Vampire Community will come across. What does it mean though? Well in the land of Ancient Egypt, the Egyptians themselves did not use the term Egypt in reference to their own land. To them, the land they called home was known as Kemet. Sometimes they also called it Ta-mery, or "beloved land." Kemet translates as "Black Land", in reference to the fertile banks and fields surrounding the Nile (black from the soil). In contrast, "deshret" is the term for the "Red Land" or the desert (a modern term derived from "deshret") that surrounds the fertile "kemet". By using the term Kemet instead of Egypt, we refer to the country by the name its own people called it (Egypt is an English form of the Greek name for this land, Aegyptos).

The land of Kemet was one rich in the history of modern vampires everywhere. In fact the Kemetic Order of Aset Ka, also known as the Asetians are a current day group of vampires that give worship to the Kemetic Goddess Aset, often spoken of as being the mother of vampires. However, there is mention of vampires in even earlier cultures such as that of the Sumerians. The Asetians do however have much knowledge of the early days of our origins and so, to any that may be interested in learning more of their specific philosophies, they need look no further then The Asetian Bible. It is not meant as a bible of religious philosophy so much as it is called a bible in the sense that they view it as an indispensable manual that contains a large portion of their collective knowledge, with the exception of certain "trade secrets" for lack of better words. .

Aset Ka was not the only Kemetic Netjer/Netjert (or God/Goddess) that has a place in vampiric history however. There were many that have held a place in our history either as the source of symbols we currently use, customs we take on as our own, or as one of the many Netjer/Netjert that we feel personally drawn to. Below I will list a few of them, though the list is by no means limited to solely those listed.

Atum Ra/Re - Often referred to as the creator of all, this is the Sun God as known in either it's second (Atum) or third (Ra/Re) phase of eclipse (much as the Scarab Khepri was a representation of the dark new moon). In one of his many forms, Ra has the head of a falcon and the sun-disk of Wadjet (one of the patron goddesses of lower Kemet, also called the green one) resting on his head.

Horus - One of the oldest and most significant Kemetic deities. He also bares the head of a falcon. Horus is known as the son of Isis and Osiris and yet in another tradition of Kemetic philosophy, he is regarded as the son of Hathor or even at times as her husband. After Set killed Osiris, Horus had many battles with Set, not only to avenge his father, but to choose the rightful ruler of Egypt. One scene stated how Horus was on the verge of killing Set; but his mother (and Set's sister), Isis, stopped him. Isis injured Horus, but eventually healed him. Horus was also said to be a war god and a hunter's god. Horus has at times been also referred to as another incarnation of Ra himself.

Hathor - Often regarded as the wife of Thoth, in later references she has been also depicted as the wife of Ra-Horakhty (Ra/Horus) or in earlier references as the mother of Horus. She was the Nejert that represented the personification of feminine love, joy, music, dance, foriegn lands, and motherhood. She was believed to be the one that welcomed all into this life and the next by helping mothers through childbirth and by greeting the dead when they pass into the afterlife. She is also often depicted in animal form as a cow goddess and has had, since the days of ancient Kemet, a cult following that uses this cow as one of it's many symbols of worship. As is often the case with pantheons throughout history, there are sometimes similarities that overlap. Hathor is one of the female deities that is also associated with the greek goddess Aphrodite.

There is a story about Hathor that has particular interest to someone bearing an eye on vampiric history. Kemet had once been seperated into Upper Kemet and Lower Kemet. The unification of the two regions was the result of a twenty eight year war of brutal proportions. The casualties on both sides were high. At the end of the war, peace returned to the land of Kemet and calm resumed, laying the way for a prosperous age in which the pharaoh Mentuhotep III reigned. The tale that follows this war is the one of which I speak.

It is said that Ra (represented by the pharaoh of Upper Kemet) no longer had the respect of his people (those of Lower Kemet) and they had begun disobeying him and otherwise shirking his authority. According to the myth, Ra communicated through Hathor's third eye (or Maat) and told her of his impending assassination that was being planned by the people in the land. It angered Hathor that the people she herself had created and brought into this world would do such a thing as to plan this heinous event. She was so angered in fact that she became Sekhmet, the war goddess of Upper Kemet. Hathor (as Sekhmet) then went on what has been called a bloodthirsty slaughter that could not be stopped. Upon seeing the effect his news had on his precious Hathor, Ra became regretful of the ensuing chaos and chose to stop Sehkmet from continuing her slaughter. To do this, he decided it best to trick Sekhmet. Ra flooded the fields with beer brewed by the women of Heliopolis and dyed red on Ra's orders, from the red ochre of Elephantine (an island in the Nile), in order to stop Sekhmet's rampaging slaughter of people (as Hathor mistook it for the blood of her victims, which she craved).

Thinking that he was pouring out blood for her in reward for her service, she drank it with frenzied delight, so much of it that she became drunk and fell into a slumber. After waking from this slumber, she had once more returned to her normal, gentle, loving, joyful self as his beautiful Hathor.