Saturday, August 15, 2009

Beside The Lake Of Fire

Into the abyss of love we fall
Smiling the whole way down
For we see our home below in hell
Know its heated embrace like no other
A gentle kiss with a lick of flames
A sigh of smoke and ash
Breath like flying embers
Passions fire engulfs us both
We find heaven within hell
So who's to say which place we suffer
For heaven without you
Would be the cold eternal winter
Which I will not idly suffer in such sorrow
Please, take my hand
Lead me to the lake of fire
By which light we may resume
The love of ages
While slowly burning up
The stars above
For the twin flames we hold inside
Grow to lick the sky
Weaving in and out of rapturous passion
With one furious wish
To remain
Bound to this placeInferno of delight

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OculusVision said...

Such beautiful. I truly enjoyed them.

- Oculus