Thursday, August 6, 2009

What is a Tantric Vampire?

A Tantric Vampire is closely related to the Sexual Vampire, the Eros Vampire and the Incubus/Succubus. The difference is...the Sexual vamp feeds from the sexual energies given off by a donor, the Eros vamp inspires and feeds off emotions such as love and lust, the Incubus/Succubus will feed from any of these but only takes, never gives in return. The Tantric Vampire feeds from any of these as well but with other Tantric Vampires and they both give and take creating an intensity that can be rather addictive for both partners involved. They are very good at projecting (to the point of being unaware that they are doing so at times), are often heavily empathic and carry very deep long term connections to those that they partner up with. They are also very sensitive to the energetic signatures of those around them to the point of secluding themselves amongst those of similar energies, not out of a sense of elitism but rather because the chaotic nature of energies that do not resonate well with their own can have adverse effects and cause strange reactions such as mesmerizing those people that they cross paths with to the point of adoration. This is a difficult situation for the Tantric Vampire because or their own highly empathic and compassionate natures, for they do not enjoy the thought of hurting anyone’s feelings and it pains them to see someone “taken in” by this side of them if the feelings are not mutual. And so a certain amount of caution is often learned early on by most of those with a Tantric nature.

When it comes to the Tantric feed, it is not the “end zone” of intercourse that is often sought out but rather it is the extremely intoxicating build of energy that occurs beforehand. Foreplay takes on an entirely new meaning to the Tantric. The experience of the softest brush of lips against skin, or even something so subtle as the warmth of breath on the back of ones neck can create an intensity of reaction that will be rapturous to a Tantric.

So now that I have given my own thoughts on this delectable subject, what are your thoughts?


BIGG said...

I am very interested in all of this, and I wonder how much of this can be buried for years, or maybe its that I was scared to bring it out,,, What I read is so much like me, The act of intercourse is wondreful, but as you say the for play is more sensual and erotic, and almost overwhelming,
Thank you so much for sharing,,

Crystalis DeCavalier said...

I understand exactly what you mean, Dale! It is true that is can be such an exquisitely overwhelming experience and as such it seems at times that one does not want it to come to an end. Sexual magick and Tantric energy are very closely tied to one another and the intoxicating effects of such an experience are certainly addictive to say the least. To answer you, yes this is most definitely something that can remain buried in one for years while going unrecognized. However, once you discover what it is that you have been feeling, I daresay with a bit of introspection you may discover (as I did after a good decade or more of ignorance as to what I had been experiencing) that subconsciously, you have sought out these types of situations without realizing why you did so. It is the intensity of attraction, the build of sexual energy, the desire, the need that drives us!

Elisabeth said...

Hey Crystalis,

The first paragraph, You mention that the sexual, Eros and incubus/succubus are closely related to the Tantric vampire. I do agree with your definition of the Tantric vampire, however i do believe that all these types are capable of tantric vampirism and that they all do take and not give in return. As far as i am aware, Tantric vampirism is the only one that does give and take.It is my opinion that all these types are capable of manipulating all kinds of sexuality: energy given off by a donor,Inspiring love and lust, giving and taking and etc.We feed according to preference.I dont think they should be split in to different types but more like different methods and we simply choose according to our moods.

Lynx Legacy said...

Hiyaa I am exstatic that i found ur blog while i was googling : P I am too a Tantric vamp (but eros might satisfy me more) elemental, psi, sanguine. hmnn also a lynx therian (feline) that is. look me up onfacebook or somthing "Lynx Legacy "
or youtube im on a few other sites but i dont remember ha

Anonymous said...

thank you for this article
it has helped me heal.
i was 18 when i did the same thing & it took me till i was 22 to stop hurting people,,
i just went through having my heart broken in april by a girl who did not know she could have this affect on someone,, i was mind/heart hacked
by a novice , she is 18, i am 43,

Tw said...

This is a very old post, but I wanted to say, that as a Tantric Vampire, I do not tire or dissipate energy from my partner, which other forms of Vampirism usually do. My energy has a sexually stimulating effect on my partner, which in turn creates more energy from him and thus feeds me and re-balances my energies. In other words, I don't take from my partner when I feed, I feed on the energies we both create, which are also of benefit to him.

Kellynne said...

Dear Annoynomous,
after reading and researching on what a Tantric Vampire is, it makes alot of sense to me as i enjoy and feel a lot of excitement just for the foreplay, but i was only awakened as a psi vampire.. could i know, if i am to a tantric besides being a psi vampire??

Anonymous said...

To those of you that have commented on this post over the years, thank you. I can say this, I will never tell another what or whom they are. I can however tell you that you know yourself better then anyone else does. Don't let others tell you who you are for you are the one that has to live with yourself forever. Is it possible to be both a psi vamp and a tantric vamp? Absolutely! I consider myself to be something of a hybrid but in reality it all just comes down to what flavors you like the best. rather then hybrid, I suppose a better example would be that I am an omnivore, energetically speaking. I can feed on any type of energy, but I choose not to due to my personal preferences. I prefer Tantric energies, Elemental energies and Physical Blood energies. It's just a fancy way to say that I feed on attraction/sensuality, thunderstorms and blood. I could also feed on random people that pass me by on the street by siphoning their energy but I don't because in all honesty I am a picky eater for lack of better words.

Darai said...

We feed on passion and not sex. This all makes so much sense to me now...I'm not crazy lol