Monday, December 31, 2007


Her hand touches the water tentatively

Quickly she pulls it back and waved it gently

In the cool twilight air

She looks up and down the shoreline

Searching for signs of other people

Seeing nothing

She is satisfied that she is alone

She peels her clothing away from her sweat-dampened skin

Discarding them in a pile of sandy fabric

Crumpled and abandoned

The crisp breeze feels good as it blows

Across the bare skin of her back

Every inch of her is alive

She revels in the anticipation

Savoring the moment

That lingers so exquisitely

As she stands on the verge of freedom

Then she moves forward with purpose

No backward glances

Her feet carry her in a joyous dance

As she disappears into the waves

While they crash on the shore

This is the eternally renewing cycle

Of death and rebirth

Rapture and release

There is no one there to see

The dolphin on the horizon

As it takes flight into the air

Surrendering itself to the dying sun

And it is at last in a place

Where it’s soul is complete

It has found home

It has become one with

The last moment of light

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