Friday, September 18, 2009

Introduction: A Study In Erotica

I have been thinking about the different things I tend to post here and how they could be considered to be something of a crossection of my interests. There are the articles and self reflections concerning Vampirism as well as BDSM, not to mention the poetry, stories, music, videos and anything else that strikes my fancy. One thing that has been something of a constant though is the fact that with each post I have included an image from my extensive collection. I often find myself looking at an image that I would like to include in a post here and thinking, what can I write that will make this picture an approriate accompaniment to it? Often times though they are images that I cannot find suitable words for without veering into the category of Erotica. And I have nothing at all against Erotica, in fact I personally am a huge fan of it. ;-) I just haven't done much fictional writing in that genre.

And now I suddenly realize I have been going about it all wrong! If I wish to share an image with you, why not let it stand alone for you, the reader, to be able to truly appreciate the full impact of it. A good erotic image needs no explanation. Beauty needs no description. Sensuality needs no crutch of words. And so I present to you the beginning of a new regular segment on This Tainted Soul Of Mine, in which I will allow the art I wish to share with you to speak for itself, as it was originally intended. I do so hope you enjoy them as much as I do. *wicked grins*

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