Friday, September 4, 2009


What is a pervertable? Basically it is any household item that can be used for sexual or kink related purposes. It can be anything from a piece of furniture that can be converted into a St. Andrews Cross to a wide flat hairbrush that doubles as a paddle.

Of course there are the more traditional pervertables. You may already know that electrical cords make an excellent tie down in a pinch. Perhaps you are aware that the dining room table is a great item to bend your sub over and show her what a naughty girl she’s been. ;-) In other words these are the items that are known worldwide for their pervertablility ( that even a word?), things like your bungee cord and hooks, rope, chains, eyelet mounting screws (used in many a ceiling for suspension units of course) and candles.

There are some that are less well known to vanilla mainstreamers that have found their ways into the hearts, and dungeons, of many kinksters worldwide. One of those would be the do-it--yourself homemade spreader bar. For those of you that may not be familiar with this it's quite an easy yet useful tool to make, plus it gives you an excuse to use your power tools. Basically it can be made using some PVC piping, some nylon rope and a power drill to create holes in the piping through which you can thread the rope. Easy as pie, not to mention just as sweet when your subs ankles are bound by this method.

So here is a little food for thought for you…what kinds of fun and games could you create with the everyday items you have in your home? Have fun exploring all the delectable possibilities!

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