Saturday, September 12, 2009

Forever His Heart, Mind, Body and Soul

My heart

It screams a battle cry
Not of fear or courage

A cry of triumph

It bursts forth
And rumbles in my throat

The sweetest taste
Of love long lost
Regained once more

And through the halls
Of Valhalla I walk

Nirvana bliss

My Shangri-La

My body

It finds rapture
Entwined within me
Baited breath

Desperate longing

A current of touch
Across my skin
Soft breaths

Beating heart

Tender kiss

His heated gaze

Sets me aflame

With desire

Running rampant
As it courses

Through my veins

My mind

It reels in delight
Dizzy in anticipation

Marveling at thoughts

Taken over

Captured in love

Released from doubt

No longer afraid
To trust freely

No reservations

No fears can take hold

Gratitude fills me

For I know Him

Remember Him

My soul

It takes flight
I find my wings
I soar above all
The poison gone

From my being
The light shines bright
Golden threads

Whole once again


Freedom so pure

Take me higher

I crave Him
This addiction

My true home

He is my…


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