Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Departs The Lonely Mourner

The overcast clouds roll across the sky

A draft flows over the grass

Giving the appearance of soft waves

Eternally stretching for a non-existent shore

The tombstones interrupt the gentle hills

Crosses and cement markers

Displaying the passing of lives

Too unknown to be visited by occasional flowers
An old woman wears black

Walking through the forest of marble and stone

She pauses in places and visits those who have no one else

And she continues on

Her feet lead her deftly and she remembers the past

A time when she would not come near this place

Now it calms her to know that she can come

And sit for hours with her childhood friends

Finally she reaches her dearest

The marble is dull, the grass overgrown

Tears escape her as they have for years

And she lowers herself to the ground

She lays down, careful not to disturb the frail dried flowers
That she carried to the grave weeks ago
As she closes her eyes a breeze blows gently

And the black veil lifts from her ghostly pale skin

A bright light opens the heavens

The clouds vanish from the sky

Her life slowly drains away and is lifted from her

And still her hand does clutch the locket at her neck

A newlywed couple lives on in her very last thought

Their happiest times together
As they again will soon be

For today she will join her beloved
Nevermore gripped within this mournful world
Free at last

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