Thursday, September 10, 2009

You Bring Me To Life!!

I once walked the lonely path in isolation
Moving from one day to the next
Each one a haze that blurred together
Taking each step in determination
Knowing that one day
I would not walk alone
A hand would reach from the dark
And our fingers would interlace
Bringing light to the path ahead
Filling me with life
Removing the shroud
From my very soul
Fueling my heart's flame
And now, my love
That dream has come true
You are my day of joy
The smile that touches my lips
The glint in my eye
You are my night of passion
A shiver up my spine
The touch I crave
An addiction of the mind
And so we walk
The less lonely path
Through to the wooded glen
So that we may once again
Feel alive!

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