Sunday, December 30, 2007

Shadow Locked In Light

In my dream

I see a shadow

Lingering just out of my sight

Standing in the darkness

Weeping silently

The salty droplets fall

They land…each one shattering

My heart

Desperate tearfulness

Passing over my own

Parched lips

The shadow calls me in its mind


Pleading for freedom

Telling me I hold the only key

To the locks that hold it captive

I heed the call

With every step I take

It shrinks further

Into the darkness

The ring of light that surrounds me

Seems to cause it pain

In fear I turn away

I try to run

From my shadowy presence

I cannot

The separation sears my soul

Causing a painful hollow

A cavern in my heart

The eternal wound

So I sit

I wait

For the shadow to come to me

And there it stays

Just out of reach

Remaining always

The splinter in my mind

Light with shadow

Locked in eternal struggle

Wishing to embrace again

Finding no comfort

In the knowledge

That together we share

A single soul

Separation finds me



Shadow locked in light

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