Monday, December 31, 2007

Beyond The Blizzard

I can feel the snow falling within me.

In great white flakes of peace

There is a blizzard behind the fa├žade of gentility

Who can know that it is there, except the one

That holds the small, crystallized ice chips

Within their hand

To watch them melt.

Then comes the realization that it is slowly

Making the pain disappear into numbness

Hold onto your small ice chips, child

You will cry when they are gone

Is it because they are no longer there?

Or pain’s unmerciful return to consciousness?


Is there something else within you

That cries for the ice itself

Melting from your frozen heart?

It’s only fear, child…mere fear of the blizzard ahead

But do not let it overcome you, my dear

Keep the fire burning bright within your heart

Only then will you see

It is worth the cold and pain

Just to learn to appreciate warmth

And the joys of watching the snow fall

From somewhere safely sheltered

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