Tuesday, October 20, 2009

World of Shadows

He lifts the lantern high above his head

Lighting the cobbled stone road
His face in shadows
Eyes gleaming with an inner light

Pretty…pretty, he says
I look to him with plain wonder
Confusion painted across my features

Pretty, I ask

Look around you…this world it shines
He spreads his fingers, hand held out
With a wide sweep of his arm he bows
Welcome to the Shadows, M’Lady
Tis the world from which you’re born
But then you’ve always known
Have you not?
Gleaming eyes flick up to me
A smirk playing on his red lips

Yes…always, my voice ethereal
I look to see him at last
Beyond the darkness that hides him
Through those eyes of shining light
And there he stands waiting
Smiling broadly, knowingly
I remember, my mind becomes clear
Whispered words float past my lips
I am home at last

Yes M’Lady…at long last
His hand remains held out to me
A smirk plays across my red lips
I take a single step to close the gap
My fingers meet his
Interlacing and clasping tightly
My eyes had dulled outside the Shadows
Filling with an inner light
Once more they find their gleam

My voice comes strong and confident
Have you kept the Hearth warm, my friend

That I have M’Lady, as requested.

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