Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Heal Me

Heal me for my soul is tired and weary

This world takes its toll upon me

Trudging from one day to the next

Mundane stress and monotony

Financial security and vile materialism

Spewed forth like vomit by the masses

I want to go home

Heal my heart so heavy with grief

This world is such a burden now

When once I took joy in its creation

But now I am a part of it and I want out

Heave this yolk from upon my shoulders

Let the world be dealt its fate at last

I just want to go home

Heal me now and take me back

To the World of Shadows, my dark paradise

The place of my birth and downfall

When I chose this other path

The hearth is warm and bright

I can smell the sweet scent of flowers

As they encircle the castle grounds

Let me take you home

Let me heal your troubled mind

With cobbled streets darkly lit

And power within softly glowing eyes

Shining with an inner light

Come with me and I shall show you

A whole new way of life

But if you tremble you’ll be eaten alive

I’ll show you the way home

A healed heart that beats like a hammer

We shall touch the very heavens

While standing within our hell

One more step down the spiral of madness

Salvation awaits us with open arms

No longer tiresome or world weary

We slake our thirst for life once more

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