Monday, July 16, 2012

The Stillness Within

The heart that holds on tight

Like a coil of chains around it

Waiting for the moment to pass

And allow me to breathe again

I was content in my misery

But a breeze came blowing in

Bringing hope on the wind

Ruining my plans of depression

I was happy being lonely

Thinking I would be forever alone

While always in a crowd

Desperate to find home

Home that lets you be yourself

Or takes another look

Beyond the lies you tell to everyone

And sees your truth laid bare

Is it better to tell and risk it all

Then to stay in a prison of my making

Only time can tell in the end

If I shall rise above it all or shatter as I fall

I hold my breath again

Just waiting to see what happens

To the life that should have been

While holding onto the stillness within

1 comment:

Mea Bee said...

Oh I just loved your blog, I just found. Especially this poem. Where did you go? Why did you stop? You are so good. Also the sub space, taking care of your submissive, amazing. :)